AVF Solutions Group Affiliate Program

Join the AVF Solutions Group Affiliate Program to supercharge your agency’s earnings! When you become an affiliate partner, you not only gain access to top-tier content services but also create a passive income stream for your agency.

Affiliate Benefit - AVF Solutions Group

Welcome to the AVF Solutions Group Affiliate Program! Our comprehensive suite of services allows marketing agencies like yours to access a wide range of content options for social media. Whether you’re looking for images, GIFs, Reels, or full-service packages, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our competitive pricing and customizable plans make it easy to find the right fit for your agency’s unique needs.

Our streamlined affiliate program empowers marketing agencies to white label our services seamlessly. We offer generous commissions and a straightforward partnership process. By joining our affiliate program, you can expand your service offerings, boost your revenue, and create a substantial passive income stream for your agency.

Benefits of Hiring a White Label Agency

White label agencies take the load off your plate, allowing you to focus on what you do best – serving your clients. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Save Time and Resources: No need to invest in hiring, training, or managing in-house content creators. Let us handle content creation while you concentrate on your core services.
  2. Access Expertise: Benefit from our professional team’s expertise in content creation, saving you the time and effort required to build your own content team.
  3. Expand Your Services: Offer a wider range of services to your clients by partnering with us. You can provide social media content without the need for additional staff or skills.
  4. Boost Revenue: With our competitive pricing and your added services, you can increase your revenue streams without extensive effort.
  5. Streamlined Collaboration: Our white label process ensures a seamless experience for your clients. We work behind the scenes while you take the credit for outstanding content.
  6. Satisfied Clients: High-quality content keeps your clients happy and engaged, leading to long-term, profitable relationships.


Pricing Structure

  • $600 per month
    • Includes: 3 Images
  • $660 per month
    • Includes: 2 Images / 1 GIF
  • $735 per month
    • Includes: 2 Images / 1 Reel
  • $775 per month
    • Includes: 1 Image / 1 GIF / 1 Reel

Service Pricing

  • $800 per month
    • Includes: 4 Images
  • $850 per month
    • Includes: 3 Images / 1 GIF
  • $975 per month
    • Includes: 2 Images / 1 GIF / 1 Reel
  • $1000 per month
    • Includes: 1 Image / 2 GIF / 1 Reel

Additional Services

  • 3 Posts / Week
    • Pricing reflects monthly cost
  • 4 Posts / Week
    • Pricing reflects monthly cost
  • 2 Posts / Week
    • Pricing reflects monthly cost
  • $430 per month
    • Includes: 2 Images

Affiliate Benefits

10% Back to Your Agency: Earn a generous 10% commission on all paid invoices occurring monthly. Your clients’ success becomes your agency’s financial growth, creating a win-win partnership.

Getting Started

Step 1

Choose the pricing and services that align with your agency’s goals.

Join our affiliate program to access white-labeled services and start earning a passive income.

Begin reselling our services to your clients while enjoying a 10% commission on all paid invoices.

Watch your business grow as you provide valuable social media content to your clients.

How it works

Partner with AVF Solutions

Partner with AVF Solutions Group

Joining our affiliate program is a simple and straightforward process. Contact us to express your interest in becoming an affiliate partner.

Choose Pricing and Services

Select the pricing and services that best align with your agency’s objectives and your clients’ needs. Our offerings range from individual content elements to full-service packages.

Access White-Labeled Services

Gain access to our white-labeled content services, allowing you to present them to your clients as your own. Our team works behind the scenes to deliver high-quality content without your clients ever knowing we’re involved.

Resell to Your Clients

Offer our top-tier content services to your clients as part of your comprehensive marketing solutions. You can tailor the services to meet your clients’ unique requirements.

Earn Passive Income

As you resell our services, you’ll earn a generous 10% commission on all paid invoices. This commission adds up quickly, creating a substantial passive income stream for your agency.

Provide High-Quality Content

Delight your clients with professionally crafted social media content that enhances their online presence. With AVF Solutions Group’s expertise, you can offer superior services without the overhead of an in-house content team.

Grow Your Business

By expanding your service offerings and boosting your revenue, you’ll see your agency flourish. The AVF Solutions Group Affiliate Program offers a seamless path to financial growth for your agency.

The process is designed to be both lucrative and straightforward, ensuring that you can focus on delivering exceptional services to your clients while building a steady stream of passive income for your agency. If you have any further questions or would like to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  1. Initial Consultation: The onboarding process kicks off with a consultation. You can choose the method that best suits your comfort level – schedule a call or use a form to provide details about your clients, including their content strategy, target market, and any other pertinent information.
  2. Branding Assets: To ensure our content aligns perfectly with your clients’ branding, provide any necessary branding assets such as logos, color schemes, fonts, and images from branding shoots.
  3. Access to Social Media Platforms: Grant us access to your clients’ social media platforms. If you prefer, we can work with admin access provided by you or use a secure link to connect to the platform.
  4. Content Approval: Once we have the initial details and branding assets, we’ll craft the first month of content. We’ll send this content to you via email, along with a link to an approval form.
  5. Edits and Revisions: We value your feedback. If there are any edits or revisions required, we’ll happily accommodate one round of edits to ensure the content aligns with your clients’ vision.
  6. Scheduling and Execution: Once the content is approved, we’ll schedule it out for the full month, ensuring a consistent and engaging online presence for your clients.
  7. Continuous Collaboration: The process is designed for ease and efficiency. We rinse and repeat, collaborating continuously to provide fresh, dynamic, and branded content month after month.

Our goal is to streamline this process and make it as seamless as possible, so you can focus on offering the best possible services to your clients. If you have any further questions or would like more details, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

For more information and to get started, contact us today!