How We Got Started

While scrolling through the local community groups on Facebook, looking for a recent post about a new restaurant opening, we noticed that our local businesses were not being represented properly. Putting  our heads together, we came up with an affordable plan to help shine a Spot Light on our local small businesses.

Together we have over 10 years of marketing and e-commerce experience. Using that prior knowledge, we put together our own small business that allows us to build up our own local Main St. Small business is what helps keep our town alive.  The next generation needs to see what’s possible and what better way then to keep Main St lined with stores that represent peoples dreams!

We are not your cookie cutter marketing agency.  We take the time to build relationships with our customers which in turn allows us to put together a tailored plan.  Our subscription service allows us to work together to ensure your Social Media Calendar looks and feels like you!

What Customers Are Saying

Meet Our Team

Aviva Fustochenko


Being raised in analog then growing up via digital has granted me the benefit of living in both worlds. With over 7 years of experience in E-Commerce and over 15 years in Sales, I have a vast understanding of a typical consumer.

Danielle Siracusa


After 5 years in corporate marketing, I spent the next 4 years creating marketing plans for a small business in my community. I found myself having more passion and drive while working, allowing for more creativity and community out-reach.