Managing your Social Media

The average adults spends more than three hours a day scrolling through some version of social media. Are you making it easy for your customers to find you?

With the help from one of our dedicated specialist, AVF Solutions Group can build you a content calendar you will be proud to share. Keeping in line with your business’ brand, we build out each month with content that drives your customer to action. Keeping your brand/story consistent among all platforms ensures your customer is receiving the same message every time they log on.

We will not only create your content, but we will post it across multiple platforms ensuring your content makes it to the super highway of the social media freeway.

Content Creation

Not all content is created equal.  We ensure that all of your content includes your brand, tells your story and engages your customers. With use of actionable terms and features, AVF Solutions Group creates content that tells the same message across all platforms.

Content Calendar

A successful social media campaign includes structure and planning. We build out each month with consideration to your company’s specific story including promotions and holidays. Each month, your calendar gets sent to you for your review ensuring accuracy.

Content Circulation

Once your calendar has been approved, we share your content across the various social platforms for you.  We include hashtags, location and links maximizing your business’s exposure.  Having a proper social media presence allows your company to be tagged and referred instantly, making it easy to connect to new customers.